About Us

Nobel Manufacture creates exclusive designs to the highest standards of craftsmanship using leathers selected for their exceptional quality.


We are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas, thus we keep our craftsmanship built on a shared passion for beautiful materials and leather work alive.

  • Leatherwork

    Inventors of the watch travel case, we are specialized in the art of luggage making and small leather goods.

    Craftsmen, designers and innovators, we control the entire production process in order to create unique items of exceptional craftsmanship.

    100% of our designs are made to measure in our workshops.

  • Skins

    Because we want our creations to provide a full sensorial experience, our leather experts collaborate with partnering tanneries to produce exceptional leathers.

    They select the finest skins and develop innovative techniques.

    Experience unique textures, grains and colors.

Our artisans work with passion, patience and precision



Our values are the guidelines that drive us in our daily activities. They contribute to the sustainability and success of our company.

Read our Company Charter

  • Equity

    We treat all our employees fairly and value everyone’s ideas, at all levels of the company and without hierarchical, gender, origin or religious distinctions.

  • Passion

    Leatherwork is an art craft that we perform with passion. The perpetuation of an artisanal savoir-faire, the use of noble materials and beautiful designs.

  • Respect

    Respect is the foundation of our relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers.

    We expect the latter to provide us with raw materials that are produced responsibly for people, animals and the environment.

    Suppliers’ Code of Conduct

  • Trust

    We work in mutual trust and honor all our contracts transparently and with integrity.

    Each project is managed with the utmost discretion and your designs will never appear in our catalog to ensure the magic of your brand is exclusively reserved for your own clients.

  • Well-being

    We are convinced that the most beautiful designs emerge from a positive environment where creativity is encouraged. This is why we ensure that our employees work in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


Nobel Manufacture is committed to conducting business respectful of people, ethics, law and the environment. We expect the same commitment from our partners and suppliers.

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    Social responsibility

    We manufacture 100% of our products in our own workshops which are human-sized. We encourage the passing on of the traditional craftsmanship and savoir-faire by welcoming apprentices every year.

    We offer attractive working conditions with in particular :

    • a family atmosphere that promotes the well-being of our employees;
    • free “home-made” lunch every day;
    • shuttles to facilitate commuting.
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    Environmental responsibility

    We are convinced that a luxury item can only be conceived with high quality materials, that are responsibly sourced and produced.

    • We have set up a sustainable supply chain and only use raw materials that are REACH certified;
    • Responsible resource management measures have been implemented in our workshops to avoid waste.

    We expect the same responsibility from our suppliers and ask them to adhere to our code of conduct.

    Read our Suppliers’ Code of Conduct